Monday, November 11, 2013

Another World beater.... 1967 FHS-Merlin Special

June 1967 Cycle magazine
Basically a modification of a Villiers 250 engine, the Cycle article states that this engine design by kart engine expert Chris Merlin utilized a new right side engine case casting, incorporating a disc valve, carb mount and ignition. A modified Greeves Silverstone cylinder topped the cases and the crankshaft was a modified Alpha unit. The bike also used a custom spine frame by Frank Higley, presumably the FH in the name.
There does not appear to be any info on this bike online, despite mention in the article of units being offered for sale. Were any actually sold?


Unknown said...

I own a later version of this bike along with its 350cc brother

Mister G said...

Sorry, I missed this when it came in! Do you have pictures you could share? I’d love to add them to the post.