Thursday, September 20, 2018

1934 Oldsmobile hood ornaments

These elegant mascots are not one of the more common flying ladies mounted to the hoods of luxurious cars of the 30s. These belonged to the top of the line 1934 L34 8 cylinder Oldsmobile.
They were acquired by the current owner about 20 years ago when he made a deal for the display piece shown below- the three mascots mounted to a round steel frame.
The seller had received them as a gift from an old lady he was helping to move to an old age home. They in turn had belonged to her husband who received it as a gift when he retired from a GM plant in Antwerp. According to this woman there once was a simple glass plate or bowl forming a base for the mascots. They used the sculpture as a fruit basket in their home. It's long gone, apparently broken during WW2.
They ARE available if someone is interested. I can forward requests to the owner.

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