Sunday, June 24, 2018

Planes in formation, Helldivers

Helldivers return from a mission to Guam. Unidentified carrier in the background. 

Buffalo Gasoline Motor Co.

Vintage Machinery
The company was founded in 1899 to build four stroke engines. Though there is little history online, it appears it was a substantial business. More here.  
Wikipedia mentions an automobile chassis and then a complete car were briefly marketed in 1902 and 03 but I can not confirm that, the ads I've found only show marine and utility engines. It appears the company was in business from 1899 to at least the later twenties.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Sidecar Sunday

Northumberland Fusiliers 1941

Chessie streamliner

Another find at the B&O museum, Streamlined steam locomotives are rare these days and this yellow and stainless beauty was one that I had not been aware of. 
The locomotive was built as part of the proposed postwar C&O Chessie passenger train program which was never followed through with. It was used in other passneger service till it was replaced by diesel. We're fortunate it was saved. More here.

Bicycle built for two

Thanks, Glenn!
Post from Glenn, "So, whilst collecting national parks for my first Iron Butt ride, I stopped in at the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park in Dayton.  It includes one of the Wright brothers' bicycle shops.  I've attached a picture of a tandem which was mounted on the wall there.  Note that the lady's seat was up front.  How liberated, right?
Then note the cables running from the forks to the handlebar down tube of the rear riding position..."

Yachts Ingomar and Elmina

The Art of the Boat, Photographs from the Rosenfeld Collection, Mystic Seaport Museum 2005

Another incredible sailing photo by Morris Rosenthal and Associates, 1908.
 The 175 foot Ingomar was an extremely successful Herreshoff racing schooner that won many races in both Europe and the east coast of the US. It was wrecked when it went aground in 1931. In recent years, the yacht has been recreated and is for sale in Maine in partially completed condition.
 The 120 ft Elmina was built for FF Brewster in 1901 at Staten Island, there seems to be less info available on its history.

Whirlpool Rapids Bridge

Jim Lotz and Keith MacKenzie, Railways of Canada, Bison Books, 1988
A CN freight train crosses the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge into New York State during the mid eighties. Compare to the previous Suspension bridge of the 1800s.   Amtrak is currently is the only railway user of the bridge while the lower level is for non commercial vehicle traffic.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Canadiana bicycle

On display hanging on a wall at a local brewery, According to the bartender, it has no significance that she knew of, and the Canadiana logo also has no significance, it's a cheap generic department store import. Looked nice though.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Scott Sociable

Alfred Angas Scott of the Scott motorcycle company was responsible for this oddball. He started the motorcycle company in 1907 but left in 1915 to form the Scott Autocar company. In this capacity he designed a machine gun carrier based on the motorcycle/sidecar layout. The armed forces did not adopt his design and so after the war Scott adapted it into this asymmetrical 2 seater as cheap practical transportation.  Handling must have been suspect as the right side wheels were in line and the 2 cylinder 2 stroke engine was center mounted. 
This strange-looking vehicle was not a sales success, apparently only 100-200 were made during 3 years of production. The company folded in 1924.

Images from The Classic Motor Cycle, Jan 1989