Friday, November 16, 2018

More Obscure French motorcycles, Mazoyer

After WW2 engineer and motocrosser RenĂ© Mazoyer designed and planned to put into production a 500cc single cylinder motorcycle. He had enough parts to build twelve prototypes but in the end only managed to complete between three and nine unit- depending on the story- some being motocrossers, at least one was a road bike. According to an article in the April 1987 Classic Motor Cycle, one of these bikes was found in a junk yard in 1972, This led the finder to RenĂ© Mazoyer who knew the former owner of the bike and that led to the finding of the second bike shown here. It does not appear that any more examples of this motorcycle have appeared in the last 30 years. More here.

Avro CF100

Larry Milberry, Aviation in Canada, McGraw-Hill Ryerson 1979
 A long ways from home, An Avro CF-100 Canuck, one of 692 built, flies over the coast of the Isle of Wight.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

SWM trials bike, 1979

The Rotax powered trials bikes were first produced in 1977, the motorcycle was another Sammy Miller development project.

The first £100 car

Automaker Morris first achieved the goal of a £100 car in 1929, even then it was just a barebones sidevalve 4 cylinder 2 seater with black rad and trim with only basic lighting, not much more than a cyclecar. Adjusted for inflation that is £6,170.07 (about $10,000 CDN) in modern money.
 The nice cutaway drawing is the work of John Ferguson whose work shows up from the mod 20s till the '60s.

Launch of the Monhegan

Allie Ryan, Penobscot Bay Mount Desert and Eastport Steamboat Album, Down East Enterprises, 1972
The steamer Monhgan is launched at the Cobb Butler yard in Rockland Maine, 1903.
The owner ran the boat year round between Rockland, Boothbay and Portland. Though she was known as a good boat in the ice, sometimes things don't work out and below, later in her career, the boat is shown stuck in the ice at Stonington, Maine. 
 She was sold to the Eastern Steamship Company in 1906 and continued running along the Maine coast till 1917 when she was sold to a buyer in the Providence R.I  area. During the 1938 hurricane she was wrecked at the dock and was not repaired.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Obscure vintage French motorcycles

Following on the recent theme of French vehicles, here are some simple ads for a couple of obscure French motorcycles. I can't find much on either of them so I'll just post here and see what else our readers can add.
 From what I can gather La Cyclette was sold as either a motor kit or a powered bicycle.

 Here is all I can find on La Moto 'Leloir", Apparently it was built in the early 20s and came in several configurations or models, including the 175 cc horizontally opposed Anzani below.

Shekdon's Emu

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Steam Tugboat Bismarck

 The 94 foot Bismarck was built in 1888 and earned her keep in the Penobscot Bay area of Maine. Below she tows a whole string of schooners upriver past Bucksport. Fort Knox in the background.

Early Helicopter, Nov 13 1907

This two rotor helicopter was made by French bicycle-maker Paul Cornu. It was tested on 111 years ago on November 13 of 1907 and apparently managed to lift itself a few feet off the ground. Control of the craft was a problem and Cornu never developed the machine further. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Bikes in the 'hood, Honda CX500

 Here we have a practically mint CX500, possibly the most modified model of motorcycle currently seen online. I had almost forgotten what they look like stock. This was probably the most modified version ever.

Monday Mystery Toy car (updated)

This a beautiful clockwork toy car based on a Delahaye, I believe, with aluminum body and steering. It looks to be quite old and without a makers name on it. It sure would be a nice thing to have but nicer to know the manufacturer and a bit of the history!

As it turns out, we found the information in a listing at
Google Translate says... Toy JF (Jouef): Delahaye Toy made of cast aluminum, color bordeaux, brand JF in Paris, manufactured immediate after the war. Engine to spring, steering functional, steering wheel.

in his original box, with his key.