Friday, May 25, 2012

CPR Jubilee F1

Canadian Pacific was the only line in North America to use the 4-4-4 wheel arrangement. They were generally used for light fast passenger and short trip service.

This is the streamlined short-wheelbase version and below, before installation of the shroud.

Twenty were built and they were in service till the end of the steam era.  Two survive, one at the Canadian Railway Museum in Delson Quebec, the other at Steamtown in Scranton Pa.

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Jesse said...

What is your email? Sheesh, the number of things I've wanted to email you about, yeah, you've posted so many cool things!

Anyway, there is a Canadian Pacific train like this one in Burbank California, restored or near completion of restoration, at the Nethercutt museum, and I've posted photos of it too. at the end of the post are the photos of the locomotive.

Compliments to you!