Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Vanished Tool Makers: Paramo Tools & W.H. Clay Ltd., Sheffield, England

F. Parramore & Sons began in Chapeltown, Sheffield as a stove-grate factory. They began making castings for Record vises, and as a consequence were tasked with making entire vises after the Record factory in Sheffield was bombed during WW II.  In the late 1970's, they acquired W.H. Clay and its line of cabinet-maker's screwdrivers. (Below, from one of my screwdrivers.)

Somewhere along the line the company created a Paramo Tools division.  In 1981, the company was subect to a management buy out, setting up in new quarters as Paramo Tools Limited.  The F. Parramore cast iron foundry was shut down the same year and eventually demolished, with a housing estate built on its former location.  In 2003, Paramo Tools went into receivership with the loss of about 50 jobs.


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Don Wood said...

Thanks I used to work for Sterling Roncraft from Chapletown in the 1970's. Cays have gone now which is a pity. All these toolmakers have disappeared because quality British goods are more expensive than cheap imports. Shame but people normally but on price.