Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A&J egg beater

I find old egg beater designs fascinating.  I found this one at a yard sale this weekend.  On this one, the gears are simply metal stampings.  Cheap to manufacture, it still works perfectly today.  It has a U.S. patent date of October 9, 1923.  There were actually 2 patents assigned on that day: 1,470,169 and 1,470,170, both to Charles E. Kail of Binghamton, New York, and both assigned to the A&J Manufacturing Company of the same city.

As for A&J, see my previous post.  Interestingly, on google patents you can find various 1930's patents for egg beaters are assigned either to the A&J Manufacturing Co. of Binghampton, NY or to the A&J Kitchen Tool Co. of Chicago, Illinois.  Was this the same company?  In any event, A&J Manufacturing was bought by Ekco in 1929.  Ekco was founded by Edward Kaztinger, an Austrian ex-patriate in Chicago in 1888.  It is now arguably the largest kitchen tool supplier in the U.S.

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