Saturday, July 4, 2015

Vanished tool makers: Hecsharp, Germany

I picked up these water pump pliers recently.  They're stamped "Hecsharp" and "Italy."  However, based on a google search, Hecsharp seems to have been a German firm like Hoppe which made a huge variety of tools, including steel rules, calipers, ratcheting screwdrivers,  needle files, taps and dies, pliers, axes, vices, hand grinders, wrenches, and drafting instruments, primarily for the European market.  You can find their tools also stamped "Japan", so it appears that they also turned to other countries to manufacture their wares.  In North America, the name appears most frequently on Italian-made garden pruners.  Again like Hoppe, I can't find any information on the Hecsharp company, although some sites are selling old tools of this brand marked "West Germany", which narrows the location of their factory a little.  The fact that they offered wrenches in plastic pouches indicates that they persisted into the 1970's.  

Below, samples from the web:

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