Thursday, December 10, 2015

Vanished tool makers: Heller Bros. Co., Newark, New Jersey

Above, a farrier's knife for cleaning and trimming horse hooves.  I found it in one drawer of a little plastic organizer I bought at a thrift store.

Paul Heller received a U.S. patent for the tool in 1903.

Below, an interesting "Masterench" made by the company: 

Heller Brothers was once America’s most prolific manufacturer of farriers’ rasps and blacksmiths’ hammers.  The company's beginning dates back to 1836 when Elias Heller Sr. founded it.  It became Heller & Brothers in 1865, and the Heller Brothers Company in 1899 when the three sons, Peter, Lewis & Elias Jr., succeeded their father.

According to American Made Files, between 1917 and 1944 the Heller company acquired a large number of file- and tool-making firms, before being bought itself by Simonds in 1955, when its name was changed to the Heller Tool Co.  Production was moved to Ohio, where the plant was finally closed in 2006.


Unknown said...

I have a file it's round and the tips missing but it's a Heller its says Heller bros any idea on age

Mister G said...

Thanks for the comment! Do you have a picture?

Unknown said...

Where can i find out the price of the heller brothers Master ench

Mister G said...

There are a number of them on Ebay, at very little money.