Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We used to make things in this country. #229: Vancouver Engineering Works, Vancouver, British Columbia

Above, a Nepro "Spitfire" Model 55 tool.  It may have been used for sandblasting.

Nepro was a brand of the Vancouver Engineering Works, the first steel foundry on the west coast, and the largest west of Toronto and north of San Francisco.  The Nepro brand name was also used on their electric irons.  The company dates back at least to the 1890's when they made Truac iron ore cars under license from that Denver company. Among many other things, they made steam donkeys, boilers, hoisting machines, and even the cable clamps for the Lions Gate Bridge.  The company was bought by a U.S. financier in 1966, but lasted for only a few more years.  Its former factory has long been replaced by housing.  To see then and now pictures of the factory, visit Changing Vancouver.



1945.  Source:  https://vanasitwas.wordpress.com/tag/engineering-works/

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