Tuesday, March 27, 2018

EKA Knives

I found this flimsy in with my old Norton Commando receipts.  I must have had an EKA knife at some point, but it's vanished into the mists of memory.  Rats!

Founded in Eskilstuna, Sweden in 1882, EKA remains northern Europe's last folding knife maker. Interestingly, they almost went under in the 1940's when bottle caps replaced corks on bottles. With corks, you needed a folding knife and corkscrew to open them--bottle caps dispensed with all of that.  Just shows how one kind of innovation can vastly impact another area of technology with unintended consequences.  Anyway, they survived and are apparently doing well today.  They have a cool EKA Legend page on their website that's worth a look.


João Custódio said...

Hummmm, last Europe's folding knife manufacturer....not quite
please search by "cutelaria", same word for portuguese and spanish meaning "knife making". lots and lots of models.
Here in Potugal best ones are made by ICEL and IVO, and there is a number of small makers that forge everything. Here's a nice pocket knife: http://www.lombodoferreiro.pt/11-abilio-cuco/11-navalha-luso-arabe

Mister G said...

You're absolutely right, Lee Valley advertises several other knives made in Europe, including the French Laguiole brand. I'll correct that.Thanks!