Monday, April 23, 2018

Bugattis on the beach, 1929

According to the caption of the book I found this in, this delightful photo by Jacques-Henri Lartigue was supposedly taken at the French Grand Prix at Le Mans in August of 1929, but as far as I know the racetrack at Lemans was nowhere near the ocean. Anyways, a nice shot of a child at the beach.


Grey Starr said...

Are you sure that's a beach? I thought that was a wall behind the car.

Mister G said...

Y'know, I wondered the same but before I posted, I asked my kid and he agreed with me- beach- and that's a cargo ship on the horizon in line with the cars. Interesting that you introduce the wall idea again. Now it's all back in question. It's supposed to be a pic of the French Grand Prix at LeMans but where are the crowds?