Monday, October 7, 2019

Mystery Monday- Unknown axe manufacturer

This antique axe was found by a reader recently and although he suspects it might be of Austrian origin, does not recognize the makers marks. Any guesses from anyone? The thing about axes and hatchets, there have been so many manufacturers of these edged tools over the years.


VectorWarbirds said...

If there were only a few more marks I could tell. Maybe more on the other side?;)

Mister G said...

It does look like a stamping practise head doesn't it? All those eyebrows:-)

Jos said...

Hi VectorWarbirds: unfortunately The backside does not have any mark. I guess it is Austrian because these half moon or eyebrow stamps are more often found there.
One of The marks looks likes a spade in a factory with a chimney. But difficult to be sure.