Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kowa Seiki Tool Company, Japan

The Kowa Precision Machinery Industry Company was reorgnized as the Kowa Seiki Co. 1952.  The company made all of Honda's special tools, as well as tools for Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki and Mazda and Mitsubishi from the 1960's through the 2000's.   The U.S. Kowa Tools subsidiary was bought by Snap-On, but the Japanese company continues to exist. Below, from its website, with garbled translation courtesy of google:

Everyone is there is a motorcycle and a limit to the tool (the tool is called a hand tool), the development itself that is used usually in the maintenance, etc. of the car. A special tool (also known as special tool), it is that of "professional use" tools that everyone of the so-called professional mechanic or let's say a tool and the even that is beyond the limit to be used. By using a special tool, the width of the maintenance from daily inspections to heavy maintenance of engine-related, etc. will spread even more. We will tell the tool information rich in convenience despite its unfamiliar much heard that depresses one step called "special tool", "professional use" is to everyone.

For a detailed history of this Japanese tool maker and its fortunes, visit The Motorcycle Project.

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