Saturday, August 15, 2015


The Universal World Reference Encyclopedia.  Chicago:  Consolidated Book Publishers, 1946.
It looks like a Buck Rogers ray gun! As no doubt our readers know, the device is better known as a keratometer.  

The Shuron Optical Company, founded in 1865, is still around, by the way, in Greenville, South Carolina.  They now make eyeglass frames and, rather incongruously, have branched into the production of leather steering wheel covers. Something of a come-down, I think, for a company that used to manufacture complex instruments like keratomers.  According to the company website:

Shuron will be proud to serve its new customers like it was proud to have been the primary source of optical products and machinery for independent and new wholesale laboratories in the 1920's, proud to have served the US Army troops in WWII by providing mobile optical units, and proud to have served the millions upon millions (ie, The Ronwinne-Rimway Frame had its 7,000,000th sale on September 3, 1946, while the Ronsir had its 16,000,000th sale on August 6, 1971) of previously satisfied customers.

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