Friday, June 28, 2019

Downtown Brantford, Ontario attractions

Chip wagons, i.e. kiosk selling french fries bathed in apple cider vinegar and dressed with salt, first appeared in Brantford in 1948. The wagons were greeted heartily by the public but with disdain by the downtown merchants. The merchants felt the wagons had an unfair advantage because they paid no rent or taxes, only a $75 licence fee. 
Initially the wagons had to move around throughout the day but could occupy a parking space after 5PM by feeding the parking meter. The City passed a bylaw limiting the number of wagons to four and allowed them to set up on the Market Square.


d2d said...

It also looks like the cars we drew in kindergarten. I'm craving fries

Graham Clayton said...

Bud The Spud - a Halifax institution since 1977: