Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Radiguet model steam engine

Model steam engine made by Radiguet of Paris, France. This machine dates from the late 1800’s and orignally was used by the Michelin Tire Co. for instruction purposes. 
For scale the flywheel is 27 cm. The taps on the boiler are a lovely touch.
 The owner of this incredible piece of 19th century technonolgy has decided its time to move it along to the next caretaker. It has been tested with air pressure and works perfectly. It's for sale in Holland.
 Please contact me for details.  

The Radiguet company opened in Paris in 1830 making optical goods. In 1872 the grandson of the founders, Arthur Radiguet- changed the company's focus, developing a wider range of products that used new technologies like steam and electricity while maintaining the main business of optical devices.
He partnered with Georges Massiot in 1899 to become Radiguet and Massiot. The company soon expanded again when they acquired the assets of the Molteni company who were a well established maker of photographic equipment.
Arthur Radiguet passed away in 1905 and is recorded as one of the first people to die from radiation poisoning- probably due to his fascination with using the X ray machinery that his company also produced. The company closed soon after his death.

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