Thursday, August 18, 2016

Keller Pneumatic Tools

Julius Keller arrived from Germany in 1880 and for thirteen years he worked as a tool maker in Philadelphia. In 1893 he invented a new piston valve for the pneumatic drill, which made the drill a tremendously efficient tool. This technology is still being used today. To make use of his invention, he started his own company, the Philadelphia Pneumatic Tool CompanyDuring his life he patented over 17 tools and motors. 
In 1912 he moved his family and Co. to Fond du Lac, WI, and renamed the company Keller Pneumatic Tool Co
 Five years later he gave control to his son William who immediately moved the company to Grand Haven, Michigan. The company was again renamed, this time to William H. Keller Tool Co
Seems like the son might have been distancing himself from his father? The 1921 scan above mentions Chicago as a head office which doesn't seem to fit the other info I've found. 
In any case in 1954 the company merged with Gardner-Denver.

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