Friday, November 17, 2017

Kanners razor blade stropper/sharpener

Hold Dubeledge in your left hand. Unscrew blade holder, put the blade on the prongs and screw back into place. Press blade holder LIGHTLY rollers but firmly downward with your thumb till the blade lies flat on the rolls. Turn handle several times, then release pressure until blade holder springs back and automatically reverses itself. Repeat same operation about 10 times giving three revolutions to each side of the blade.
"Lather well and you will shave well"

It's quite a complicated tool to perform a simple task on what is today a very cheap blade, it really does emphasize the "reuse" factor of days gone by. 
Looking at the machine, I can figure out how it works generally though the mechanism details I'm not certain of. It appears to have a Valet self strop razor blade in place and I'm not sure if the machine will work on any razor blade or if it requires specific design blades. Last thing I wonder is how many razor blades could you buy for the price of this unit?

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