Monday, September 24, 2018

Mystery Monday; Wrench made in England. Updated.

A reader in the Netherlands sends these images of a "Made in England' wrench. The only other marking is this illegible mark that looks like a signature. Right side up or upside down... any guesses?

And we have an answer;
 Igor from Russia sends these images of a set of EnFo pliers from English Ford. Thanks, Much appreciated! 
Although we had Fordson Made in England tractors, I've never seen that logo before. 


IgOdin said...
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IgOdin said...

I'd rather compare this logo to the well known EnFo (English Ford) mark, that in particular can be met on pliers made by T.Williams (England) for English Ford board tool sets.
At least the logo in question looks precisely like the most part of that EnFo flourish, save that the lower semicircle of the letter E is missing. May be, due to some die/stamp fault or something.
Best regards!