Monday, September 3, 2018

We used to make things in this country #296 Rolo-Moto

Here's an oddity. An unknown number of these Rolo-Moto Moto-Trails were built at St Therese, Quebec in the early seventies. There is very little info online about this vehicle. The tires are unique, large low-pressure balloon type tires vulcanized to a steel rim. Apparently they were not the most of stable of things to ride.

 Power is provided by a German Solo 2 stroke single and CVT.

The owner also has the beginnings of a second one.

Update; A brochure was found on ebay. Thanks, Benoit!


Unknown said...

Is the rolo-moto is for sale?
I'm interested,I'm located in Quebec


Mister G said...

Thanks, I can put you in contact with the owner, but I don't think he wants to sell. He is looking for any information on the vehicles though, if you have any.

Mister G said...

Hi, The owner is wondering how anyone else knows about this oddball machine! If you would, please send your email address to I'll forward it on. Thanks!

Unknown said...

...just in case it can be helpful... there's one for sale right now in Montreal on Kijiji for 150$ (mostly for parts)
here's the link :

Veuillez consulter cette annonce :

Moto Rolomoto,