Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Train set available...

Winchester Press photo
One more reason to need to win the lottery.
 The St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC) has announced its intention to divest itself of the locomotive and cars located in Crysler Park near Upper Canada Village, Ontario.

The train, relocated to the SLPC in the late 1950s, consists of a steam locomotive, baggage/refrigeration car and passenger car. While the train provides a representation of transportation in the region during the late 1950s, it is not of the same style as the historic “Moccasin” train that operated in Eastern Ontario.

The SLPC is proceeding with a Request for Expression of Interest with more information available here.

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The locomotive on display was part of an order of 25 built in Kingston for the Grand Trunk. Another locomotive from the same order is pictured above as delivered. The biggest external visual change over the years is the cast one piece cylinders.
 This batch of Grand Trunk engines has the highest survival rate of any Canadian locomotives , 7 out of 25 remain today, according to the book  Constructed in Kingston.

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