Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Early cycling problems

Horseshoe nails were an issue.

People were different then, 1954

Save money,  do it yourself, rebuild that engine! Canadian Tire tool lending service, even back then.

Celebrities on motorcycles

Mohammed Ali on a Donaselli.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Old Postcards, The Lowry Building. St Paul. Minnesota

Designed by Kees and Colburn and built by Horace Lowry in 1911-12 as the Lowry Medical Arts Building. It was considered one of the loveliest buildings in downtown, built to fit in with the surrounding buildings like the Saint Paul Hotel across the street. 
It's been swallowed up by new construction in downtown St. Paul, renovated recently and converted to condominiums.

Google streetview

Stock Pusher

Stock pusher, the tag says- and who am I to argue?
For sale at Cardon's Tools in Perth Ontario

Grand Prix de Suisse, 1946

Poster by Noel Fontanet. More of his great work here
This was the first postwar motorcycle race held in Geneva, Switzerland, just a year after the end of the war. 

Monday... whatsit....

Your guess is as good as mine...

Apologies for the late post, I'm having difficulties with the blog interface.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

One of my vices is vises, James Smart

James Smart was an industrialist in Brockville Ontario , founding first the Brockville Novelty Works specializing in foundry work, and after acquiring his nephews company, Smart and Shepherd- renaming it the James Smart Manufacturing company.
Previous post here. The company made a wide variety of tools and iron products including the above vise.

Sidecar Sunday

Putting the lowly Honda Tinstar to work...

Saturday, November 16, 2019

1948 AJS 7R

1948 AJS 7R, a new design 350cc single with chain-driven overhead cam enclosed in a distinctive magnesium housing on the right side of the engine. These were difficult times for the British motor industry with restrictions on steel and other materials.  The use of magnesium for the engine crankcases, cambox and gearbox shell was quite an advance for a production machine, even as a racer produced in limited numbers. 

 The bike picked up the nickname "Boy Racer" early on and enjoyed racing success from its introduction. Development continued throughout 1950s and it was discontinued in 1963.