Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Hotel, canned goods and patents...

 Seemingly unrelated services but.... 
probably dates to about 1865.

Cast aluminum toys, bus


I don't see manufacturer's name, it looks like a 1936 White Motor bus at Glacier National Park. Even has dual rear tires. I wonder if it is related to this aluminum car?

Wire sculpture

Nicely done.


Ok, a litte late for a Monday Mystery...


But any guesses as to what this is? The date doesn't look like a patent date...

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Weed Chain pliers

 A nice hefty pair of pliers used for install and remove links in Weed tire chains. I guess there wasn't much expectation of inflation, the price is stamped right in.

and a second patent.

Andre's BSA

Beautiful bike, works well. It would be well suited to rural two lane roads cruising at about 60mph in the summer sun. Lovely.


Friday, April 26, 2024

Riteway Oil can opener and spout

A handy device for adding oil to that old automobile, from the pre-plastic bottle era. Remove the engine oil cap, insert spout, drop a can SAE30 into place and squeeze the handle to make a hole in the can. Manufactured by the Artra aluminum foundry in St. Charles, Missouri. The company was founded by Arthur E. Hoelting and partners,  seemed to still be in operation into the 1980s.

Boiler explosion

 "Ok, I think we should make a big steel cylinder with lots of tubes rivetted and/or welded in place, fill it with thousands of gallons of really hot water and pressurize it to 250 or 300 pounds per square inch, Then we should put it on wheels and run it down a railway track at 60 or 80 mph. What could go wrong?"

In this explosion, it looks like the front end of the boiler blew forward, tearing off the smoke box and smokestack, dragging most of the tubes along with them. No word on how the crew fared.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Cars in the 'hood, Mustang convertible

I'd drive that! According to an innocent bystander, this is a 1967 model. He pointed to  the taillights and the horizontally folding rear window. 


Boston by balloon

Taken in 1860 by James Wallace Black, surely this aerial photograph of Boston must be the first such feat? 

Not exactly, the actual first birds eye view taken from a balloon was taken 2 years earlier. French photographer Gaspard-FĂ©lix Tournachon, captured the first aerial photographs, photographing Paris from a tethered balloon at an altitude of sixteen hundred feet. Due to the primitive developing system, the feat required him to carry a complete dark room with him. Unfortunately, those photographs have been lost.

 This Boston photo shows The Old South Meeting House on the left (still there today), where Washington St., cutting down diagonally meets Milk St, winding down to the harbour.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Welland Canal-sized cargo carrier proposal

Here's a detailed technical drawing for a Welland Canal-sized lake cargo carrier. The 260 foot length would indicate the era of the third canal, constructed in 1887 and in use till 1931. Interestingly, there is neither a company name of a date evident so who was proposing this for who?  

From Greatlakes-seaway.com;  A distinctive type of vessel was developed for use in the inland canal system. The Great Lakes "canaler", a bulk carrier that is literally a self-propelling barge, with machinery at the stern and navigating bridge up forward, had a long, almost box-shaped cargo hold between. The "canalers" using the third canal had a maximum length of 79.9 m (262 feet) and could carry as much as 2,700 tonnes (3,000 tons). Larger ships were also built to sail from the Lakehead (Lake Superior) to Port Colborne where their 13,500 tonnes (15,000 tons) of cargo were transferred to several small "canalers". However, it soon became evident that these larger vessels should be able to move into the lower lakes and, between 1907 and 1912, plans were made for enlarging the canal once more. That canal opened in 1931 and is still in use today.

Continental wrench

Another imported tool which seems to be pretty good quality but there doesn't seem to be much more information available. When googling Continental wrench, I get a number of eBay hits, Continental wrenches made in India, West Germany, Japan and this one made in Korea.  No idea if any of them are related.
I also see the name Continental American, which seems to be something different, marked with the name Peerless and made in West Germany. 


192/ ABC Motorcycle

  This 400cc flat twin was designed by Granville Bradshaw for ABC (All British (Engine) Company.. It was in production from 1919 till 1925  but was expensive and did not sell well. 
  The similar-layout BMW R32 was introduced in the early 20s and though BMW has been accused of copying this engine layout, in fact the BMW engine was reverse engineered from a 1914 Douglas fore and aft twin and originally produced as a portable utility engine. BMW later adapted their motor for their first motorcycle, mounted crankshaft longitudinally in the the frame and logically, added shaft drive. 


Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Heidelberg , Germany Tram

A turn of the (last) century four wheel Heidelberg tram, complete with colourful advertising shown in the 1960s. Fast forward another 50 years and at least the advertiser is still doing well.

Monday, April 22, 2024

Camron US needle nose pliers

Once again a tool company that no one seems to know much about. The always-useful Garage Journal has a thread on Camron tools, they concluded they probably were a postwar manufacturing company named Cameron Mfg. Co., of Emporium, PA which eventually became ProAmerica Premium Tools- also of Emporium, PA.
 So although the tools keep turning up, they're still a bit of a mystery.


Wipac accessories, 1966

The Wipac name was the result of the merger of the British arm of the American Witherbee Igniter Company (Wico) and British spark plug manufacturer Pacy. They produced a range of electrical accessories for motorcycles and cars, ranging from switches and lights to magnetos.  The company moved with the times and is still around today focusing on automotive LED headlights.
History at the company website 

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Triumph Tiger Trail

 The 1981 Tiger Trail was Triumph's response to the introduction of the BMW R80GS in 1980. The bike had longer suspension and was outfitted with plastic fenders and only available in bright yellow. The model was entered in several off-road races, where they did reasonably well.

 The bike never was sold in North America and as it never really caught on in Europe, production was discontinued in 1982 with only about 180 units sold.  Collector's piece indeed!

Sidecar Sunday

 Captains Malins and Oliver, who travelled around the world on motorcycles in 1927 promoting the British film industry, pictured at the RAF base at Karachi where the engines were overhauled. The pair took just over a year to complete the trip. The 1000 cc OEC motorcycles gave little trouble but the sidecar frames were repaired many times.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Judging a book by its cover...

 I was not even tempted to open it...

1932 Douglas K32

The Classic Motor Cycle, April 1987

350cc horizontally opposed twin.  Nothing says speed and power like tartan tank panels.

Friday, April 19, 2024

Panagra Airlines, 1959

 Panagra, also known as Pan American-Grace Airways, was formed in 1928 as an airline for service in South America. Its first flight was a four passenger Fairchild flight between two cities in Peru but soon was flying between the US and various Central and South American destinations. The airline did well and in 1967 merged with Braniff.

Bevel King TL-700 Grozer pliers

 These odd jaw pliers were found at a thrift shop for $1 The lettering was worn but searching eBay for "TL-700" turned out the full name is "BEVEL KING TL-700". They are used in glasswork, are known as grozer pliers and are for breaking glass along a scoremark.  The flat jaw is placed on the top of the glass, the curved on the bottom, then just pull.  Demo on Youtube.
Thanks, Inno!

Thursday, April 18, 2024

1953 Corvette

Only 300 Corvettes were made in the year of introduction-1953. It was powered by a normal Chevrolet inline 6 giving it a top speed of about 105mph.. 
Only one choice of colour, all were Polo White with red interior.

Perfecto 2 speed differential for Ford Model T

The Perfecto two speed rear axle was a planetary gear system that when engaged reduced the final drive ratio of the Model T from 3.6:1 to 5.5:1. this enabled the car to climb most hills in Ford standard top gear (downshifted into the Perfecto intermediate gear) as well as adding a "bull low" to the transmission. This was a useful modification for the Ford Model T and about 650,000 of the units were sold between 1920 and 1927.