Thursday, August 31, 2023

Award wrench

 Award was a tool reseller company founded in 1963 by Martin H. Rieger and apparently sold to Fuller Tools two years later. The wrench is imported, made in Japan by the Kyoto Tool Company, who also supplied tools to Fuller.

Wamna race?


Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Long Playing Records....


 Whatever you two are doing, you've got 50 minutes...

Hyde wallpaper #777 trimmer

 Hard to get excited about something as simple as a wallpaper trimmer- and people don't use wallpaper near as much as they used to, but when its a nice sculptural thing and well-presented like this, I can admire it for a bit. 
 Isaac P. Hyde started his cutlery company in 1875, and the family-owned company is still around today in Southbridge, Mass. making tools for drywall, flooring and painting. Their company seems quite proud of their heritage and can be found here- including scans of their old catalogs.

Monday, August 28, 2023

Monday Mini Mystery

 Found this on a Tumblr somewhere with no explanation. Any theories or guesses? Lacking that, invent a good story?

Monday Mystery, OSCIL-SAM R95

OSCIL-SAM, not a name I'm familiar with. The sockets are 22 and 23 mm and are not removable, the tool does not ratchet.  Guesses and ideas welcomed!

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Standard or metric?

I haven't seen a lot of 20mm nuts, but then, I also haven't seen a lot of 25/32" either... The 7/8" end measured .880, so a bit loose for 22mm (.866")

Sidecar Sunday

British Automobile Association patrol bike by Dinky Toys.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

B G Hornet spark plug wrench

The B G Hornet appears to have been an aviation sparkplug, this 12 pt box end wrench is for the 11/16" size. 

There is a B G Service company still around today making specialty ignition components for extreme duty situations, I presume it's the same company.


2CV van

 One of about 1.2 million made of the van variant of the 2CV, but still extremely rare in North America. It also doesn't look too much like it would be the basis for the styling of the Nissan S Cargo...

Friday, August 25, 2023

Piasecki helicopters,1955

HUP Retriever, H-16 Transporter, and hovering in the background, a H-21 Workhorse.

Not Open...

This diner building on Lacrosse St. in Rapid City is apparently not '30s vintage, it was built as a retro Denny’s at an unknown time and location, and later moved to this site, where it operated for years as Arnold’s Classic Diner. According to Diner Hunter it was a sports memorabilia store in 2018, seems Covid done it in...

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Nissan S Car go

Nissan released this oddity in 1989 as a boutique vehicle, perhaps inspired by a Le Corbusier design but generally acknowledged as a take on the Citroen 2CV.  The name was also a play on the French word for snail. It was introduced  along with another small car, the FigaroThe theme for these cars was retro before retro was in, and they were popular in Japan.
 They've been trickling into North America as they age into the non-conforming category. This example is up for auction at the Owls Head Museum Auto Auction this weekend.

Le Corbusier

Black Hills Central Railroad Locomotive #108


Not too often do you get a chance to see an articulated steam locomotive in operation. This former logging engine worked in the northwest and was put on display at company headquarters when retired, but was rescued, restored and put back to work on the Black Hills Central in 2020. The 2-6-6-2 tank locomotive joins a near identical sister, #110 which was acquired in 1999.

 The engineer seemed to be quite happy with his job.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Aircraft rigging class

The subject is a Maurice Farman biplane so the time period must be just before or during the very beginning of WW1.


One use for an old Canedy-Otto Drill Press...

Ben Alpren is still selling machine tools in Lewiston... 


Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Railway switch latch


This is a Bethlehem DES 465 switch latch for locking out a railway turnout. They were used in tandem on a track switch to lock the switching lever in one direction or the other. A padlock was used to prevent unauthorized movement of the switch.  They seem to be fairly common online, though no pictures of one actually in use.

Planes in formation, Curtis Jenny


Monday, August 21, 2023

Monday Mystery; Fortecs wire wheels

A reader has a set of these wheels on his car, and is looking for a screw-on center cap. The origin of the wheels (or manufacturer) seems to be a mystery. 
Not much comes up but a quick Google shows lots of used wheels for sale in Japan and Russia so the thought is that this is a Japanese aftermarket company, and the grey market has sent a substantial number of these wheels there. Ideas welcomed!

Monday Mystery

Thanks, Terry!

Here is a farm machine I can't figure out, seen at Big Valley, Alberta... An elevated hopper on an cart with an unconventional wheel arrangement... any guesses?