Monday, October 31, 2022

Monday Mystery, Ancient artifact

 This historic artifact was carefully unearthed during some recent archeological backhoe work (septic system actually) on the farm where I grew up. Some authorities point to ancient indigenous cultures, but certain other experts posit that is actually part of the early MrG-olithic times... Anyone recognize what it is?

One of my vices is Monday Mystery vises....

Here's a mystery that looks like a vise, but there's no way to attach it to a bench, maybe parts are missing and there is some clamp arrangement on the half round recess? (bottom picture). 

 Jaws are about 1 3/4" across. The fixed jaw has a sort of clamping screw (3/8 UNC?) and the moveable jaw has a v-groove which doesn't line up with it. There is a moveable eyebolt sort of thing which is bored to slightly over 3/4" next to what looks like a clamp (missing the other half) for a cylindrical piece. The whole thing is either brass or bronze except for the 3/8 screw, but I think that's a retrofit. So high voltage electronics or combustible chemicals? The only markings are a '1' and an '8' (separate places) on the fixed jaw, as well as '25kA', all cast in. There's an 8 on the moveable jaw as well. 'CT' is stamped on the fixed jaw, but it looks like an owner's mark.

 Any ideas or guesses?

Thanks  Glenn, keep digging!

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Henry Ford's second car


Sidney Olson, Young Henry Ford, A picture history of the first 40 years. Wayne State University, 1963

After building and driving his first prototype, the Quadricycle, Henry Ford started working on the second car. Design and construction of the car began in late 1896. a bit more than a year later it had morphed into the car shown below. Henry Ford was an experimenter, no sooner than something was built than he modified it, always chopping and changing things, anytime anyone had an idea, he would try it out. Progress was slow, but the design was continually improving. 

Sidecar Sunday


Saturday, October 29, 2022

Franklin Hide Glue

 The logo may need to be updated. The product is still available, now sold as Titebond Hide Glue.

Flxible Bus

A face only a mother could love...

Friday, October 28, 2022

Owatonna Tools adjustable wrench

Thanks, Glenn!

This beauty was found while tidying up a toolbox at the Waterloo Central Railway.  

Made for large fasteners, the wrench is adjusted by pulling the pin and sliding the bottom jaw the correct distance, then reinserting the pin.  The grooves/ways for the moveable jaw are a good close fit, so the 7/16" dia. adjustment pin (bolt in this case) really just holds the jaws at the correct spacing. The size range seems to be 1 3/8" to 2 7/8" in 1/8" steps.

 The wrench was manufactured by the Owatonna Tool Company of Minn. which is still around, operating as OTC Tools, these days making automotive diagnosis and specialty tools.

Windsor station, Montreal

Apparently it wasn't fine enough. Built in 1889, it was replaced as the downtown station in Montreal in 1993, the building designated a historical site and is now an office building, the concourse a pedestrian mall.


Thursday, October 27, 2022

F779 Sprinkler wrench

No sizes given but there shouldn't be any confusion... A search for the G in a triangle logo led me onto a Freemason rabbithole.


More painted wheels!

We just might have to reconvene at Daytona Beach. This is Terry's 57 Ford, actually I have it on good authority that the wheel colour is actually raspberry not just redTerry changed it to copper with new wheels below. Good looking car.
 More story on Jesse's Justacarguy blog.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

BSA M20 Gruppo Velox kit

The Gruppo Velox is an Italian kit manufactured by the very enterprising Luigi Parena in Turin immediately after the war in order to transform a side valve engine to an OHV high-performance engine. It consists of an aluminum cylinder, an 82mm piston and an aluminum cylinder head with crossed pushrods using (if I translate correctly) a single valve spring. Intake valve diameter was 1.250" exhaust 1.813". 

 Apparently there were kits to fit either a BSA M20 or a Norton 16H- many of which would have been "available" all over Europe. No idea how many were sold, the link below suggests only 30.



Stock flathead M20

Sportster, None faster.

 No one? I guess even at that point, it was debatable,  Cycle World said in April 1968 top speed was 114mph, neck and neck with a Trident or Rocket 3. Right around the corner were competitors from Japan...

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Alaska or bust!

According to the caption in the Feb 1968 Cycle World, these are people heading north to Alaska to find work. It was the sixties, mannnnn...


Planes in formation, A-8 Shrike

 Five of only thirteen made. Previous post

Monday, October 24, 2022

Controlled Steel wrench

 Drop forged in the USA... Controlled Steel was a brand name used by the JP Danielson Toolmaking concern. According to Alloy Artifacts (again) it would probably date to the 1930s, the small 6.5 A  marking refers to the nominal length of the tool- 6.5"- no explanation for the "A".

Moto Guzzi poster


This ad was a tribute to the Italian motorcyclist, aviator and would-be Moto Guzzi cofounder Giovanni Ravelli. He seems like a pretty happy guy.

 Dunlop gets their name in there too. Poster by Giorgio Muggiani

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Cars in the hood, '57 Buick

 Love the red wheels with the crazy flamboyant body lines...

Sidecar Sunday

Wilhelm Noll, with Fritz Cron, won the championship with their BMW outfit in 1954.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

We used to make things in this country #343 Westinghouse Electric motors

 Photo from the early fifties, many women from the wartime were still employed winding armatures... 
I worked in the Hamilton, Ontario drawing office in the early nineties, designing an electric motor for automotive use while the production line machinery was being sold for scrap and only a few dozen people were left filling the last orders for large electric motors. Production had gone to Texas and Taiwan. 

Mid-engines in 1985

 DOHC 16 valve 1600 cc four is cool, but better to wait for the supercharged version available in 1988.

 And the competition; Fiat X1/9 and Pontiac Fiero.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Sculptural airplane

I'm trying to decide of this stylized aircraft is actually from the 40s or if it came much later- the materials look like the decor of the seventies. The lack of airfoil and propeller contours put me off and I guess the plane is an uncomfortable blend of Boeing 312 Clipper and Lancaster bomber morphing into a 50s airliner. 


Deteriorating house in Round Pond, Maine


2020 The old Granite Step


Very sad. More here.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Curtis A-8

 Introduced in 1929 in a call for a new attack plane, the aircraft was very advanced at the time, most other aircraft being biplanes. Thirteen went into service in 1932 but the type was quickly replaced by the radial engined version, the A-12 which was also obsolete before the end of the decade.

Suzuki GT500

Last gasp for the obsolete T500 Titan, the bike, largely unchanged in the previous 5 years, got a GT750 tank and (more or less) a GT380 disc brake front end for 1976. Definitely a stopgap as the next year the four stroke GS line was introduced. They keep turning up so they must have sold a few! This one was mostly original and had only 20,000 miles on the clock.


Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Wire Wheel Corp. wrench


Nice looking wrench to have hanging around but too expensive for that, and the 85mm or 3.35 inch size is pretty specific. The company was located across the street from the Pierce Arrow factory in Buffalo, I wonder if there was any connection.

Canadian Pacific Great Lakes Tour, 1939

 Artist, Norman Fraser