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Hennecke carousel bike

This is a nicely detailed carousel motorcycle, styled like a BMW single but probably manufactured by the German company Hennecke in the 1950s. The seat is not original, being from a moped by the Finnish company Tunturi- another motorcycle company I had never heard of.

thanks once again, Rolf!

Algoma Mills Hotel CPR (Proposed)

Algoma Mills, located on the north shore of Lake Huron, was a site of early water powered sawmills, and became a major shipping point for the Canadian Pacific Railways coal delivery in the eraly 20th century. At one point the railway was planning this 300 room resort hotel for the site. This was never built.

Monday, August 19, 2019

The Jaguar project you always wanted...

Driving schools, 1920s

When driving was in its infancy, driving school were a lot more comprehensive than they are today, as well as driving, the focus was on the mechanical systems. These days it's hard to find someone teaching manual shifting!
 Above an Italian driving school of the 20s featuring possibly a couple of Fiat 508 chassis? 
Below two in German schools.

Thanks, Rolf!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Pulp and paper, 1950s

Rivers of logs in New Brunswick

Logs being loaded from truck to ship.

Paper Mill (unknown location)

Sidecar Sunday

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Another job you probably wouldn't want to do; feeding a steam locomotive




Saab 21 A-3

The 21 A-3 was designed as Sweden's front line fighter before and during WW2. It was an unconventional twin boom rear engine layout and featured an injection seat to allow the pilot to bail out safely. The plane never was developed properly and after the war was considered for conversion to jet power. Three remain in Swedish museums.


No artist name but it feels like a1960s jazz album.

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International Travelall

Lovely old thing...

Wooden streetcar construction

About 1905

Electric Speedway game

Made in England in the 1930s. More here.

thanks, Rolf!

Knapp Sport saw

Made by the Pioneer company of Boise Idaho with one set of teeth for bone, one for wood, it would be handy tool for a hunter in the woods. Although these are common on ebay and elsewhere, there does not seem to be a lot of information online about the company.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Prototype to Production

 Above, the first Greeves prototype of 1951 featuring rubber suspension front and rear, and below 2 years later, the beginning of production. The front suspension is all tidied up, still using rubber in torsion but the rear has reverted to shock absorbers. The whole appearance is much nicer too.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Mil Mi-10

At Aviation Day in July 1961 the Soviet Union demonstrated the Mil Mi-10, the world's largest helicopter, able to carry loads of 33000 lbs. The aircraft was produced till 1969 and is still in use today 

Mack truck

Seen at the Owls head Truck and Tractor show

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Common nail sizes

We don't use nails near as much since deck and drywall screws became popular but the graphic is nice, maybe it would look good on a T shirt.
 As a side note, although you get more 6d nails in a pound than with 10d nails, go with bigger ones when building a tree fort. It's lesson I learned as a kid, spending my meagre allowance for supplies at the hardware store...

Sidecar Sunday

Velocette founder John Goodman poses with racer Rex Judd sitting on a 2 stroke Velocette with sidecar.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Greyhound Scenicruiser

Made in Japan, maker unknown

Scrapping streetcars

As part of the scrapping process, trolleys were first set on fire to simplify the recycling of the remaining metal parts.

National Air Races, Chicago, 1930

Missed it!

B-47 Stratojet

Impressive sight, six smoky engines and JATO rocket assist.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Magnalite pot

Magnalite was the brand name of a line of cast aluminum/magnesium alloy cookware designed and produced by Wagnerware of Sidney Ohio. It was introduced in 1934 and apparently continues to be sold even today, despite the aluminum/Alzheimer's scare of about 40 years ago. In 1979, a version of the cookware (Magpro) was developed featuring a hard anodized finish. 
For more info visit the Wagner and Griswold Society, a site for collectors of cast iron and aluminum cookware.

Gescha transparent engine

This was a 1/6 scale model kit of a flathead 4 cylinder engine made in Germany in the early 1950s. Metal engine parts were assembled into a clear plastic block and head using a screwdriver.
thanks, Rolf!

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