Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Schooner Wyoming

 The 6 masted schooner Wyoming at her launch at Bath Maine on December 15 1909.

The Wyoming carried bulk loads up and down the coast for 15 years. On 24 March 1924 she foundered off the Massachusetts coast in a storm and the entire crew of 14 was lost.


Graham Clayton said...

The longest wooden ship ever built, measuring 450 feet (140 m) long. In heavy seas the Wyoming's frame tended to hog or buckle, loosening the planking. Thus, the ship generally required the use of pumps to expel any water that had come aboard.

On November 8, 2003, the Cape Code Times reported that the remains of the Wyoming had been found at a depth of 65-70 feet. The ship had broken midship. One of the members of the company searching for the vessel speculated that with the heavy seas, the ship laden with a full load of coal had hit bottom in a large trough breaking the keel.

Mister G said...

Thanks for the information! Looks like the limits of wooden boat construction had been reached.