Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Terrace Houses, Australia

From Rob Hillier.  Let's Buy a Terrace House.  (Sydney & London:  Ure Smith, 1967).

The author explains, "in Australia today the popular conception of a terrace house is one of Victorian vintage, mostly two storey, tall, long and narrow with decorative iron-lace balconies and not necessarily joined to others."

This style of architecture reached its peak in the 1880's, and predominated in Sydney and Melbourne.  At the time that this book was published, they had become hot properties for restoration. Hopefully the trend continued.  Beautiful iron work!

Rob Hillier (1913-1991) was the oldest son of Ernest Hillier, a famous Australian chocolate manufacturer.  He was best known for his fashion and advertising photography.  He discovered Maide Hann, an Australian glamour model of the 1940's.  He also took some great war photos, such as of a woman war worker repairing the engine on a Quantas Empire Airways flying boat.

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Canajun said...

Only saw a few of these in Adelaide. The lacey ironwork is really spectacular and reminiscent of some of the old architecture in New Orleans. Sad they are now mostly consigned to junk yards.