Thursday, March 19, 2015

Power Tools and How to Use Them, 1950

An auger bit on a drill press?  Really?  For some reason, only the scroll saw warrants the use of safety glasses.  No need, apparently, on the metal lathe, as the operator hums, "Chips get in my eye, everytime I try..."

W. Clyde Lammey was on the editorial staff of Popular Mechanics.  Elsewhere, someone has posted his article on how to build a children's "Squaris Wheel."  Today, the insurance lawyers would be lining up for this one.

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Tom Gaspick said...

The DIY/'how-to' genre is riddled with hogwash.

I was moved to write about a particularly egregious example of it a while back:

Such examples abound. DIY/'how-to' writing should be taken with a 50-pound bag of road salt.