Sunday, September 6, 2015

Moody Kit


Above, my Moody Kit, a combination set of miniature sockets.  Below, a description of the kit from Popular Science, October 1962:

William S. Moody first patented this tool package design in 1950:

The Moody Kit trademark was first registered the same year:


The company offered a variety of miniature tools, such as those featured below in the September 1962 issue of Popular Mechanics:

Moody Tools was founded 60 years ago in Rhode Island, and continues today as a manufacturer of precision hand tools, particularly jewelers screwdrivers. In 2012 the assets and brand name of Moody Tools was acquired by Central Tools, Inc. which moved operations to the Cranston, RI facility.  Central Tools started out in 1908 making machinery to form gold dental caps. The company's founder went on to develop a unique digital micrometer, receiving patents for this in 1912. This took the company into the precision tool market, marketing their micrometers under the "Auburn" and "Cranston" names.  In the 1960's, the company changed focus again, making automotive repair tools.  

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