Tuesday, July 10, 2018

German motorcycle instruction model

Thanks to Cutaway Collector for this post.

This is a device and a category I was not even aware of, a motorcycle training aid used in Germany. Only a handful of these models were made in the early 1950’s by the VVR company, known for their driving school and education/ training models.
It’s about the same size as a carousel motorcycle, about 40 inches long. It has every function a real motorcycle has, ignition switch– the engine rotates, the clutch operates and the transmission shifts through the 3 gears. The hand and foot brake and the throttle operate as well as all the electrical components- switches operate the lights, horn and a brake light.
Inside the cutaway 2 stroke engine there is a little light showing the inside parts. The piston moves up and down in the cutaway cylinder and a little flashing light simulates the spark plug.
Other parts like the front and rear shock absorbers, the exhaust, carburetor, and battery have been cutaway to show their functions as well.
 The owner tells me it's for sale. He tells me it's been restored well and is nearly perfect. Wherever possible, new parts have been used in the restoration, including tires and new Formica in the right color on the base.
He says this is the only completely restored working model for sale in the past 40 years. It's not cheap in the $7500-8500 US range but what an addition to a collection!

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