Monday, July 23, 2018

Watchmaker vises

A reader writes; My grandfather was a watchmaker, and I have the remains of his toolbox. 
Looking online, although there are a good number of Imhoff & Lange tools of all types and also some Hugoniot Tissot, I can't find any information or history of the companies themselves. The world of watchmakers does seem to have disappeared.

Markings are, from the left:

2] Pat'd Aug. 10 1875
3] [no marks]
4] [lion symbol] L.HUGONIOT TISSOT, The L stands for Lucien
5] [small five armed sunburst symbol]
6] [lion symbol] L.HUGONIOT TISSOT
7] ACIER FON?? [also 'P' in an Ace of Spades border]

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