Tuesday, May 12, 2020

1969 Suzuki Trail Cat

My first running motorcycle was an old B100P Suzuki acquired in a trade for a homemade VW dune buggy, but my first moto-lust was the Suzuki Stinger.  So when this little beauty came up, I had to have it. The lines are nice for a little bike in what was then the brand-new dual purpose category, the "Triform" frame (a triangulated space frame with the engine underneath) is pretty much the same as the Stinger, The pretty-gutless 118cc engine was enhanced by a dual range transmission featuring 2 ranges of 3. Note the unique grab handle on the front fork. 
 So what's it like to ride? Did I mention the gutless part? The low range needs another gear above 3rd, the high range needs a gear between 2nd and 3rd. If you're riding solo on a relatively flat dirt road, it's perfectly pleasant.


Unknown said...

Yeahp, my my, the Stinger. I was into bigger bikes, had a '69 Kawasaki H1 at the time, but when I saw an acid-green '70 Stinger (see link for pic, assuming the link chooses to show up) in the showroom it had almost the effect of a surprise whack in the neck. It made little bikes seem very cool all of a sudden. Sorry to learn that the engine was a weakling.

Wonder who was responsible for its startlingly good looks.


Mister G said...

Yeah, the H1 was some other reality for me as a kid...even the Stinger was out reach... if you have a minute, look here. https://progress-is-fine.blogspot.com/2012/11/my-first-moto-lust-suzuki-stinger.html
Thanks for your comment!

Mister G said...

That era was a high point for sure. The AS50, Stinger, even the T305 and 350 and 500 were very nice, sadly by 1973 they were going in another direction.