Saturday, February 25, 2017

A. Tylee and G.A. Thompson and the first aerial crossing of the Selkirk mountains, 1920

William Kilbourn.  The Making of the Nation.  The Canadian Centennial Publishing Co. Ltd, 1965; McClelland & Stewart Ltd., Revised Edition, 1973.
Below, a coloured image Mister G found in Aviation in Canada.

Sadly, a largely forgotten accomplishment.  After some searching, I found the following on A City Goes to War:

On the 17th of that month (October 1920), Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Tylee and Captain G.A. Thompson of the Canadian Air Force landed in Victoria’s Uplands neighbourhood, completing their leg of the first trans-Canada flight. Tylee, Thompson, and the other four pilots who took part in that incredible expedition had had to navigate regions that had never been charted or flown over before, facing terrible weather and mechanical trouble along the way – but they had shown that it was possible to fly across the vastness of Canada.

For more information, visit Canadian Aviation Through Time.

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