Monday, February 27, 2017

One of my vices is vises: James & Reid, Perth, Ontario

I've had this old blacksmith's vise for years.  It's my only actual anvil, so it comes in handy for that reason. There are no manufacturer's marks on it anywhere.

This weekend, I put on an exhibit of old tools at the Bedford Historical Society's annual open house.  The exhibitor next to me was John McKenty, who had a display of CCM stuff (see my previous post--I was able to buy a copy of his book on CCM history from him). He was also researching the history of a Perth, Ontario hardware manufacturer and supplier named James & Reid.  He had an early catalogue from the company.  Below, one of the pages, and voilà--there's my vise!  Another mystery solved!


Grey Starr said...

I believe I have one of these... Or something similar. Plus one for shoe making.

Mister G said...