Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Life's not all beer and skittles

When I was a kid, my father bought this spinning top game.  You simply start the top spinning at one end of the maze, and the goal is to knock down as many wooden pins as possible.  Each pin has a point value printed underneath it.  It's really pretty much random, so I can see how beer would help make it better.

All we knew is that it was called "Spinette" and, as the label above shows, it was "A Roly Product" made in Willowdale, Ontario.  A google search yields nada.

When my parents passed away last year, I found the old game in their house.  Somehow, one of the pins had gone missing, so I turned a new up out of maple and stained and varnished it to match the others.  I set the game up and played a few rounds with one of my sons and his friends.  Everyone thought it was hilarious, even without the beer.

Recently, I was going through an old file folder I had made of children's toys, and found the article below.  Turns out the game is actually called "Skittles."  If you're interested in making one, the article below explains how to do it.

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