Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Udet Flamingo

The Flamingo was a popular acrobatic biplane designed by Hans Hermann built in Germany in the mid twenties. About 200 were built by various companies and in several countries.
Armand van Ishoven, Messerschmitt, Gentry Books 1975


tonyand03 said...

There are a couple of videos of Ernst Udet flying D822 on YouTube; poor video but amazing flying. Try and He was Germany's second highest scoring ace (after Richtofen) in WW1 and helped to revive German spirits afterwards in a series of illegal aerobatic displays in a Fokker D7. As a national hero he eventually got dragged into the Nazi regime and ended up in a desk job in Berlin. That was never going to satisfy such a free spirit and he took his own life in 1941. Incidentally he introduced Eric "Winkle" Brown to aerobatics in 1936 and encouraged him to fly - now there's an amazing guy.

Mister G said...

Thanks for the comment and information! I've only recently learned of this airplane, and Ernst Udet.