Sunday, February 4, 2018

We used to make things in this country. # 286: Dominion Lock Company, Montreal, Quebec

Dominion Lock was formed by Sam, Alfred and Ruth Zion in the 1920's.  It closed it doors in February 1985, putting 250 people out of work.  Unican Security Systems Ltd. of Montreal and the Simpson Hardware Company of San Leandro, California fought a court battle to buy what remained of the firm.



mjh1963 said...

I have similar key acquired by my late father when completing his National Service with the RAF or RCAF in Canada in about 1948-51.
I have amways wondered whether it may have been the ignition key for the aeroplanes he trained in,which I believe would have been the deHavilland Tiger Moth,the Hawker,and the Spitfire.
If anyone has information I would be very interested,thank you.
I can send photographs of the key if requested.

Mister G said...

Sure send a picture, I'll add it to the post. I'm not sure airplanes have keys though?

Unknown said...

Got an orange dominion lock co key cutter great condition not sure if they make these anymore

Anonymous said...

I found a key that a family member had on them when they died and would love help identifying what it could be used for. Could I send a photo?

Mister G said...

Those keys are awful common and pretty much unidentifull but sure, send to and I'll post it!

Anonymous said...

I sent you the images of the keys- thank you