Thursday, November 15, 2018

Launch of the Monhegan

Allie Ryan, Penobscot Bay Mount Desert and Eastport Steamboat Album, Down East Enterprises, 1972
The steamer Monhgan is launched at the Cobb Butler yard in Rockland Maine, 1903.
The owner ran the boat year round between Rockland, Boothbay and Portland. Though she was known as a good boat in the ice, sometimes things don't work out and below, later in her career, the boat is shown stuck in the ice at Stonington, Maine. 
 She was sold to the Eastern Steamship Company in 1906 and continued running along the Maine coast till 1917 when she was sold to a buyer in the Providence R.I  area. During the 1938 hurricane she was wrecked at the dock and was not repaired.

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