Sunday, November 25, 2018

Parks P-2 Biplane

Oliver Parks bought the rights to the Kreider-Reisner sport plane in the late 20s in order to start an airline, aircraft factory and flying school. Parks built more than 40 of these airplanes, powered by the WW1 surplus Curtis OX-5 engine, which was still available as surplus at that time. 
A development of the plane was the Wright radial engined Parks P2, shown above. Sixteen were built before Parks got out of manufacturing, selling the plane to Ryan and it became the Ryan Speedster.


tonyand03 said...

Fairly sure that's the Parks owned by Richard Bach and featured in his book "Biplane".

Mister G said...

I believe you are correct.

The Maestro said...

Exactly my first thought. NC499H is the number of Richard Bach's biplane.

Unknown said...

You can find photographs of this plane in his book "Nothing by chance"