Saturday, November 10, 2018

Westcott Adiustable wrench

A Russian reader sends these pictures of his 8 inch Westcott adjustable wrench, wondering when it was produced. The only markings are Westcott and Auto 8 inch.
Alloy Artifacts gives the information that after about 1900 they were made by the Keystone Manufacturing company of Buffalo and many are marked as such.  A close look at the tool shows the Keystone name and address engraved or stamped into the body. Could this be early production- before the Keystone name was cast/forged into the handle?

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Anonymous said...

Just thinking out loud.

If it's in Russia, and it's non-standard to what was available in the US, would it maybe be WW2 vintage? Something sent over with lend-lease tanks and equipment?