Wednesday, November 28, 2018

P61 Black Widow, Mid Atlantic Air Museum.

The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum is restoring a P-61 Back Widow that was recovered from a New Guinea mountainside after it crashed in January 1945. The aircraft was brought back to the US in 1991 and has been undergoing restoration ever since. The whole story here.
A whole museum has grown up around that first airplane and we went down to take a look. 
Space is at a premium at the museum and although work continues as the restoration gets closer to completion, the plane is relegated to a corner of the hangar. Although it's jammed in among other airplanes, the tour allows the visitor to walk around and under it. Good for studying details, not so good for taking pictures. When asked if there was a estimate for a completion date, the guide cheerfully announced "Tuesday!" No year was volunteered. 
I plan on being there to watch the first flight!

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