Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday Mystery; 1929 Yamartago

Here's another obscure Japanese motorcycle. Nothing comes up on Google at all. 
The utility trike apparently came in two sizes, a 350, which appears to be a homebuilt copy of a JAP (J.A. Prestwich) flathead and a 500 which was a genuine imported JAP engine. Other British components included the carb, magneto and transmission. 
No word if it was also sold as a regular two wheel motorcycle though the construction seems to indicate that possibility. Any information welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've found your bike listed in this list of Japenese manufacturers but it is spelled Yamatargo not Yamartago.
It has a pic that is the same as yours.It was made in 1929 by Yamata which still exists and makes sewing machines etc. A link to the site is
This referred to it as a Motocarro which means 3 wheeled utility truck I believe.

Mister G said...

Great information! Thanks for this.