Thursday, November 28, 2019

Dustbins everywhere!

Mick Woolett, Racing Motorcycles, Hamlyn 1973
The start of the 350cc class at the 1957 Belgian Grand Prix. Just about the peak of dustbin fairings, which the FIM banned in 1958.
 Number 28, Keith Campbell was the winner on his Moto Guzzi. He went on to win the championship, Australia's first GP world champion. He was killed in an accident on a French course the next year,


JP said...

Dustbins, to me the word perfectly captures how ugly they were.
Some people like them, and some still make them:

Mister G said...

i agree, I don't like them. Ugly and they, robbed the bikes of any individuality. Great they came along, but also great that they were legislated out.

Graham Clayton said...

Why were they banned?

Mister G said...

Safety. apparently. The thought that the bodywork caused (or could cause) instability at speed in cross winds.