Thursday, November 14, 2019

The end of an Auxiliary Diner car

 The Waterloo Central had acquired this CNR auxiliary diner car in the hopes of adding it to the excursion trains.  Restoration was planned but unfortunately in the end it was considered to be too far gone to fix. Heavy equipment was called in and the car was soon reduced to scrap. The trucks will be reused.


VectorWarbirds said...

I see that giant concrete Tuck vise stand again. Can't find anything on those, I wonder if they made that on site? That's a pretty good idea if you have a forklift:) Too bad about the car, I tell folks anything can be restored give a deep enough pocket. Hell they build entire vintage aircraft around just the data plate up here!

Mister G said...

Money is always tight and they are faced with the 10 year boiler inspection on both their steam engines, a very rigorous and expensive process.
The vise has a rubber pad between it and the concrete pedestal. I have not not gotten a definitive answer yet but I think it was home made.