Saturday, November 2, 2019

Ron Wood's Norton Flat tracker

According to the July, 1975 Cycle article, Ron Wood designed the frame in 1971, this is a picture of the bike after the 1974 season. The frame is constructed of  a single loop of 18 gauge (.049") thick 3" diameter steel tube which doubles as the oil tank. The wheel base is 57", the rake 26°. The engine used early cases to allow a magneto to be fitted, 9.5-1 Hepolite pistons with C.R. Axtell's head and pipes. The carbs are 36mm Dell Ortos and the engine makes almost 77 hp. Rob Morrison rode in 1974, Alex Jorgenson was the rider for the 1975 season.

July 1975  Cycle


VectorWarbirds said...

Norton sadly in its last death throes. With the rest of the British makes soon to follow.

Mister G said...

Yes, Rob Morrison moved to the factory team- which did not complete the season.