Friday, May 29, 2015

The English Ford Line

Continental Holiday.  The American Travel Guide to Europe.  New York, 1961.
Above, how they were marketed.  Below, how they were made in 1939, and then in 1960.  In the later photo, the two seated workers appear to be having a relaxed visit, totally unconcerned with being on camera for this publicity shot. Shades of the 1959 Peter Sellers' movie, I'm All Right Jack.  The British way of life:  nice work while it lasted.  Or, to play with the caption, "Every few seconds, someone in the world screws ... someone else."
W.G.V. Balchin (Consultant Editor).  The Country Life Book of the Living History of England.  Country Life Books, 1981.

Laurie Lee and David Lambert.  The Wonderful World of Transportation.  Garden City Books, 1960.

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