Friday, January 25, 2019

Veteran and Vintage Aircraft, Fourth Edition

I recently picked up this 1974 book, a compendium of surviving aircraft, their location and status.  I was interested mostly in the Canadian chapter, there were lots of vintage aircraft around 44 years ago that I wonder what happened to. 

A few examples; 
A Thruxton Jackeroo was located in Mississauga, CF-QOT- it seems to have disappeared. The Canadian civil register doesn't seem to be available any more!

The DC3 below is described as;
 CF-JRY c/n 4585 "Arctic 7" in this Pop Group's psychedelic colours of cream, brown and green; DG Harris Productions. 
All gibberish to me..

Bob Diermert is mentioned, who had an incredible collection, see this link...

Interestingly, one hundred thirty Spitfires are listed worldwide, compared to two hundred thirty eight today.  Wikipedia
Twenty three B17 are listed, compared to forty seven today. Wikipedia

The author Leslie Hunt lists a total of 9,080 historical aircraft in the book. As far as I can learn, this was the final edition of the book.

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