Sunday, June 12, 2016

We used to build things in this country #236 Keeton Automobiles

Keeton Motors was formed by a group of manufacturers who planned to build a fine foreign car under licence from the Keeton Motor Car Works of Detroit, Michigan. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond its control, the U.S. parent in Detroit ceased production early in 1914. The Brantford operation continued to produce automobiles, stressing that it was not affiliated with any American or foreign firm. 
With its link to the U.S. parent cut and the start of the First World War, Keeton Motors in Brantford carried on for another year. The firm appears to have remained in operation until 1919. 
Early in 1915, overtures were made by Keeton Motors to the Allied Powers to build a truck for war time use. Although there is nothing to indicate that Keeton Motors actually manufactured trucks, a second company was established, known as Motor Trucks Ltd. and was composed of several of the manufacturers and businessmen involved in Keeton Motors and operated in the same facilities as the Keeton firm. Some vehicles were produced for the Canadian Military but it appears that the company only produced trucks for a short period of time. By 1918, Motor Trucks Ltd. was producing munitions for the United States military effort. That also quickly came to a close with the Armistice of November 1918. 

I can't find any record of actual production of the car and despite it being "one of the most popular mid-priced cars" I don't know if there are any still in existence.

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