Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cool WWII Cover Art: Winged Escort (1977)

First published by Hutchinson & Company in 1975, the Arrow edition came out several years later.  Douglas Reeman is a prolific author (writing under the pseudonym Alexander Kent, he also wrote a series of books about the British Navy during the Napoleonic wars).  He died just a few days ago at age 92.  This book follows a Seafire pilot on a British escort carrier as it fights on both the Murmansk Run and in the Pacific, carrying Seafires and Swordfish.  As with all of his war novels I've read, it's excellent.

As an aside, Hutchinson & Company was founded in 1887, merging with Century Publishing in 1985 to become Century Hutchinson before being absorbed by the British Random House Group in 1989, where it remains an imprint.  Arrow has been an imprint of Hutchinson since 1963.  

Below, from the final pages of the book.  Sending a postcard! That's what you did in those pre-internet days.  How quaint!

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